Trade a group of stocks at once with ETF CFDs

Our ETFs in biotech, Saudi Oil, blockchain and more are hand-selected by world-class asset managers like BlackRock.

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ETF trading is an easy way to invest in a wide range of related stocks

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What are ETF CFDs?

ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) CFDs are a contract that allows traders to speculate at a lower cost on the increase (or decrease) in value of a group of stocks that have been selected by industry - such as biotech or robotics. Unlike index funds, which are priced at the end of each day, traders can buy and sell ETFs during the day. This means that investors can move in and out of these funds in a similar way to how they trade stocks. Learn more about ETFs below.

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Trade on ETFs with spreads from 0.0 pips*


ETF spreads

Trade on the performance of a basket of stocks grouped by industries like robotics or space exploration.

Name Origin Margin Contract Min/Max Trade size Commission Trading Hours (GMT)
ARKAutoTech US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKFintech US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKGenomRev US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKInnovate US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKInternet US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
ARKSpace US 50% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
iShareCEETF US 20% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00
SaudiETF US 35% 1 Share 0.1/300 Commission Free Mon-Fri 14:31-21:00

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How do I trade ETF CFDs?

An Exchange Traded Fund (or ‘ETF’) is a type of financial instrument describing a basket of securities composed of stocks selected by a professional Asset Manager. This ‘basket’ is traded just like a regular stock and can be bought directly of an exchange or traded on live markets. CFD ETFs are designed to track the performance of an underlying list of securities by grouping diversified products by design. This allows traders to easily trade on sectors (like robotics) with exposure to more than one security from a single position without having to own the underlying asset.

We do not offer Cent accounts but our trading accounts allow a minimum traded volume of 0.01 standard lots (or ‘micro lots’) to open a position.

A micro lot is 100th of a standard trading unit (typically 100,000 units of a base currency) and they allow you to practice tighter risk management by trading in smaller sizes.

The basic contract unit of the Retail Foreign Exchange is the lot. The standard lot size is 100,000 units of the base currency (1st currency in the currency pair). You can also trade either multiples or fractions of ‘lots’ - such as micro lots of 0.01 which are 100th of a standard trading unit. The minimum trading volume that we offer at FXPesa is 0.01 lot.

Apply for an account by submitting your contact details, your trading experience and valid proof of your identity and address. Once the application is complete & all appropriateness checks are valid, we’ll email you access codes to our client portal. Upon opening the portal with your unique details, you’ll be able to make your first deposit via secure transfer along with your proof of account.

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Yes, you can open a free trading demo account with a balance of $10,000 in simulated funds to test the platform and your trading strategies on live markets in a risk-free environment.

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